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12 summer crafting ideas

I have an amazing promotion for you in my Etsy shop – read more about that in this post. If you’re wondering what to do with all those yummy goodies, here are 12 fun DIY ideas for you!

Make a beach or mermaid themed junk journal. The bundle contains so many goodies that are just perfect for that, and it also includes a printable beach themed kit with letter size papers and embellishment sheets, if you’re not that good with Photoshop or graphic software in general. Check out creative team member Sheila May’s Mermaid Junk Journal or flip through her Beach Party / Bathing Beauties themed Junk Journal for inspiration!

If you’re not into junk journals, and more into digiscrapping, finally take some time to scrap the photos from that fantastic beach vacation.

Have you been wanting to add some new wall art to your house? Then now’s the time! The Scrumptious Sun-kissed Summer Crafting Pack contains several pieces of wall art, ready to print! All you have to do is frame them.

Organize your craft room! Buy a few more boxes if you need to, go through your craft supplies and put related things together. Print the Craft Room Labels on sticker sheets, so you can just print, cut out and glue the stickers to the boxes.

If you love to cook or spend time in the kitchen, a well organized pantry will give you extra joy. Use the Pantry Labels from the bundle to organize your supplies in a stylish way!

If you want to declutter your home or (home) office, the printable Cable Labels are a good start. Print, cut and attach to all those cables and cords of printers, computers, scanners, laptops, phones…

Invite your family and friends for a summer afternoon party in the garden! The Vintage Orchid or Tropical Getaway Tickets, the Vintage Tropical Straw Flags, the Tea Party Invitation, the Tea Bag Envelopes… those will add some extra flair to your party. Print out a few botanical papers, like the papers in the Things To Do In The Garden collection and use as wrapping paper for small gifts, or to make festive garden banners.

If you’re more of a silent crafting type, summer is always a good time to start making homemade Christmas gifts for family and friends. Create unique jewelry, using the Alice In Wonderland, My One True Love or Vintage Tropical Jewelry Images, make unique clocks, using the Clock Faces, fill the Seed Packets with seeds from your garden that they can sow in the spring, or record their favorite music on a CD and put the CD in the CD Sleeves with Music Fairies… Nothing is ever more appreciated than a unique, homemade gift.

Does your garden need some work? Print out the Garden Planner. It will help you design, plan, harvest and maintain the garden of your dreams and you can use it over and over again!

If you have an extensive home library, if you often lend books to family and friends, the Ex Libris Bookplates will allow you to mark your books in a stylish way. Print and paste them in your books, add your name and address – no one will ever forget that it is your book they are reading.

Make a digital scrapbook of your latest trip to the mountains, using the Wanderlust Collection. The muted color scheme of lilacs, greens and neutrals will allow your pictures and stories to shine. The colors will look especially great with pictures of lavender fields, woods and mountains.

Print 1 or more of the Ex Libris Quotes or Catching Waves Poems on vellum and wrap around a glass jar. Put a candle in it, the light will shine through the vellum and make for a very unique candle light, perfect for a summer evening! You can do the same with some of the papers from this bundle.

Have fun!


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