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Feeling Blue?

Hi there,

This weekend I am re-releasing ‘Feeling Blue’, the collab I made with Dawn Inskip last year in September.

We all have our bad days, days when we feel low, sad and depressed. Days when everything feels heavy and pointless Life is never a continuous stream of happiness. But we have the power to turn things around and if we work through the bad days, good days will come again. Everybody is different, and everybody has different ways of dealing with pain. Some listen to music, some write down their feelings in a journal. Sometimes it helps to have a good cry and reach out to a good friend. And sometimes you just have to scrap about it.

Feeling Blue is jampacked with bits and pieces that are perfect for art journaling and all kinds of mixed media and paper projects to express yourself and deal with those bad days: 34 painted and textured backgrounds and 150 elements, comprised of well chosen vintage ephemera, paint, inky splats, drips and stamps and much more, all in tones of blue and purple, with a hint of pink and dusky carmine.

Feeling Blue Bundle

Buy the ‘Feeling Blue’ Kit and the Add-on Bundle together and save!

This bundle is available only at Sweet Shoppe here.


Feeling Blue Kit

This kit is HUGE: 16 solids, 18 patterns and 150 elements: 1 ‘drama queen’ card, 1 barcode, 1 bare tree stamp, 1 branch, 1 branch with ticket and thread, 1 camera charm, 1 flair, 1 cloud+drain sketch, 1 dandelion seeds sketch, 1 lavender flower, 1 ornamental vintage stamp with three ladies, 1 paint splatter, 1 paper arrow, 1 paper circle, 1 paper cloud+rain, 1 paper flower, 1 paper scrap, 1 paperclip, 1 piece of vintage ephemera with a hand and pen, 1 piece of vintage ephemera with a typrewriter, 1 piece of vintage ephemera with sad eyes, 1 pin (sh + nsh), 1 plastic tape, 1 postage stamp, 1 ribbon stamp, 1 ruler, 1 set of handdrawn drops, 1 set of paper drops, 1 sticker, 1 torn scrap of vintage ephemera with butterflies (in two versions), 1 torn vintage ephemera card with a raven, 1 twine, 1 vintage dandelion stamp, 1 vintage moth, 1 vintage sad woman, in two versions, 11 paint overlays, 15 pieces of word art, 2 art transfers, 2 brads, 2 buttons, 2 flower beads, 2 metal words, 2 paint drips, 2 paper clouds, 2 paper leaves, 2 pieces of foliage, 2 pieces of washi tape, 2 rubons, 2 staples (sh+nsh), 2 torn paperstrips, 2 transfers, 3 dried flowers, 3 ribbons, 3 stitches, 4 fabric flowers, 4 frames, 4 word labels, 5 embossed word art labels, 5 ink splats, 5 paper tags, 6 paint stamps, 7 stamped words with hashtag, 8 scribbles.

Available only at Sweet Shoppe here.


Feeling Blue Add-on Bundle

Included in this add-on bundle are:
– Feeling Blue Journal Cards, designed by me
– Feeling Blue Mixed Media Clusters, designed by me
– Feeling Blue Mixed Media Stacks, designed by Dawn Inskip
– Feeling Blue Stamped Feelings, designed by Dawn Inskip

Available only at Sweet Shoppe here.


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All packs are separately available in my Etsy shop

As always, you can grab all the separate packs in my Etsy shop, here’s an overview:

Click here to grab the patterns in my Etsy shop

OAWA-DI-FeelingBlue-SolidsClick here to grab the solids in my Etsy shop

OAWA-DI-FeelingBlue-ElementsClick here to grab the elements in my Etsy shop

OAWA-FeelingBlue-JCClick here to grab the journal cards in my Etsy shop

OAWA-DI-FeelingBlue-MMClustersClick here to grab the Mixed Media Clusters in my Etsy shop

OAWA-DI-FeelingBlue-feelingsClick here to grab the Stamped Feelings, designed by Dawn Inskip, in my Etsy shop

OAWA-DI-FeelingBlue-stackedClick here to grab the Mixed Media Stacks, designed by Dawn Inskip, in my Etsy shop

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Layout Inspiration

two pages by Andrea
tears-1k not-alone-andrea700

two pages by Erin
OAWA-Blue-ew-02 OAWA-Blue-ew-01

two pages by Jana
1610_outofsortsJana1000 1610_anxiousJanaO1000

by Diane

by Aly

three pages by Ange

by Barbara

two pages by Sylvia
LO_1000_sylvia LO_2_1000_sylvia

a hybrid project by Theresa
IMG_9581 IMG_9576

two pages by Ona
FeelingBlue_02_Ona FeelingBlue_01_Ona

two pages by Carina
carinak-feelingblue-layout002 cairnak-feelingblue-layout001

two pages by Lisa
ArmyGrl_BLU ArmyGrl_TakeADeepBreath

Bundle, Kit and Add-on bundle are 25% off during the New Release weekend at Sweet Shoppe (ends Monday).

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