Please review the following for information about my Terms Of Use. All graphics/images are copyrighted property and are licensed to you. You are purchasing a usage license for the downloadable product only. Do not claim these images as your own. Should you have any additional questions or clarifications on anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Personal Use License explained

If you purchased a Personal Use pack in one of my stores, then the following rules apply:

• use my products for personal blogs, photography and crafts applications without special permission.
• use products in scrapbooking layouts that you are submitting to scrapbook or craft related websites and magazines for publications provided proper credit is given to me.
• resize, recolor, or add other graphics to the products for your personal use.

• use my designs, in any form, for business promotion or professional use.
• transfer this license to another user.
• distribute or reproduce my copyrighted products in any way. This includes pre-made pages, cards or ‘scrap for hire’ projects, and includes any free or resale items on any e-commerce site or blog.
• claim these images as your own (altered or unaltered), redistribute my designs in any way (selling, sharing,
loaning or pirating), or create brushes or tubes from my designs.
• use my designs for harmful, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, immoral or racial material.

You can sell personal craft projects and handmade items online or at local fairs without purchasing an additional license, but ONLY if it is a unique, one of a kind, physcial and handmade item (e.g. a junk journal) and if you credit On A Whimsical Adventure in your videos and listings.

Limited Commercial Use License or S4O/S4H/Craft Use License explained

If you purchased a Limited Commercial Use License in one of my stores, then the following rules apply:

A single-user, limited commercial license must be purchased for each of my designs which is to be used in a commercial capacity. Additionally, this license for ONE of my designs is valid for ONE project.

If you are a photographer, scrapbooker for hire (S4O/S4H), fine artist, crafter or web designer, this license will allow you to use ONE of my designs to create small-scale (no more than 100 pieces), printed artworks, albums/books, slideshows or web graphics for your clients for ONE project, or use ONE of my designs to enhance your artistic projects that you may be selling or using for promotional purposes for ONE project.


  • make a product that is customized for a specific end consumer and sold directly to them, provided all digital files are delivered in a flattened .jpg file or printed format. Website graphics must be delivered at 72 DPI.
    Examples of permitted use: digital scrapbook layout or pages for the consumer, storyboards, embellished photographs , photo books or photo card that includes the consumer’s pictures, digital artistry prints or crafts for your clients, wrapping paper, labels or similar products for (physical) items that you sell, for (junk) journals that you sell.
  • make a physical finished product that is sold by you to an end consumer, so long as the product is not mass-produced.
    Examples of permitted use: greeting cards, albums.
  • make something used to enhance or supplement another product sold by you.
    Examples of permitted use: jewelry display cards, clothing hangtags, a recipe card accompanying a food product, product labels…
  • make materials that will be published and distributed for free, as long as the products will not be used for advertising or marketing a for-profit business and will not be mass distributed.
    Examples of permitted use: community newsletters, programs for community theater productions.
  • make advertising or marketing materials for your own small business, as long as the materials will not be mass produced or mass distributed.
    Examples of permitted use: business cards, selling t-shirts with your logo made from one of my designs, a background for your blog, instagram, to showcase items that you sell.


  • use my designs on their own; you must combine my designs with other original design work and not use them as the primary integrity / design element within a design. An original design is a design where purchased resources are not used stand alone but instead are combined with other resources, artwork or original design work, so that your purchased resources do not constitute the primary integrity of the design. If you are unsure of whether your design constitutes a ‘wider, original design’, please do contact me – I am happy to help..
  • use my designs in any circumstance where the end consumer of the designs will be able to modify, reproduce, distribute, or sell the designs.
  • sell or give my designs to the end consumer in a digital format unless the files are first flattened (not in the form of a .psd or .tif file).
  • repackage, resell or redistribute any of my designs in part or whole.
  • mix my designs with other designs and sell them as digital scrapbook designs.
  • use my designs to create and resell or redistribute other commercial use products, digital scrapbook products or any derivatives or altered versions – unless it is specifically mentioned, my designs are NOT materials for other digital scrapbook designers.
  • create brushes, actions, presets, digital textures, cutting files, templates, page templates, quick pages, etc. and redistribute them in any way.
  • claim any material or its derivatives as your own work.
  • use my designs for ‘print on demand’ type listings on sites such as Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6, CafePress, Big Cartel, Minted, blog shops, etc.
  • use my designs for any pornographic, racial or other offensive purposes.

Credit to Anja De Dobbelaere or On A Whimsical Adventure in your TOU is not required but would be appreciated. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may not use any material for purposes of promoting other digital products or designs.

Commercial Use License explained 

If you purchased a Commercial Use pack in one of my stores, then the following rules apply:


  • use the set for your design projects such as digital scrapbooking kits for resale, including those that are S4H/S4O friendly. On A Whimsical Adventure items should not comprise more than 25% of your kit.
  • alter size, color, etc. to suit your design projects.
  • submit projects for publication using these graphics. Please give credit to On A Whimsical Adventure by Anja De Dobbelaere.
  • make one copy of the set for backup purposes only, but not with intent to redistribute.
  • use my designs for quick pages and shape albums for resale.
  • create physical art prints, bookmarks, or greeting cards to be sold as long as they are limited to editions of less than 100 pieces.


  • use On A Whimsical Adventure designs to create your own Commercial Use products or Designer Resources for sale.
  • recolor and sell my resources as a standalone pack or product.
  • use any of my designs to design page templates for resale.
  • share the set/kit (either in its original format, or any individual elements of it).
  • resell any of the products without modification. Items sold in full color may be used as is, but within reason. Modification of full color items is appreciated. Modification of gray scale items is mandatory. My designs should be considered a design tool, not a final design product.
  • remove any notice of copyright included in the graphics or content.
  • make any of the graphics into tubes, brushes or cutting files and other similar items and redistribute them in any way.
  • offer these graphics on any web site as downloads or send them through a newslist or Yahoo Groups. They are not for your free distribution. This is considered pirating, and is illegal.
  • use my designs to create any physical product that is mass produced (more than 100 pieces) or any printed or digital material that is mass distributed (more than 100 pieces).
  • use my designs to make products or digital material that is then resold by the end consumer.
  • use actions and styles to create an end product. You may not redistribute these tools or any derivative of in any way.
  • use any of my graphics to create obscene, defamatory or immoral works or for any purpose that is prohibited by law.

I do not require you to provide me credit for the commercial license products you use. It is always appreciated, but not necessary.

If you still have questions, please contact me at