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Various new PU packs from me this week

Hi! This week I have 3 new packs for you, a new set of Whimsical Frames, a new set of Acrylic Transitions, and an editable Baby Shower Invitation.

Whimsical Frames Vol03

These layered photo frames will allow you to re-create the Viewfinder effect to your photos. The possibilities with these templates are endless: turn layers on and off, change the blend modes, the opacities… duplicate the grungy edges for a stronger effect etc. You can even determine how low or high the ‘battery’ is 🙂

So, what is the Viewfinder effect? I found this information on Wikipedia: “Through the Viewfinder photography (TtV) is a photographic or videographic technique in which a photograph or video or motion picture film is shot with one camera through the viewfinder of a second camera. The viewfinder thus acts as a kind of lens filter. The most popular method involves using a digital camera as the image taking camera and an intact twin-lens reflex camera (TLR) or pseudo-TLR as the “viewfinder” camera. Depending on the model of TLR, the resulting image may have an old-fashioned feel to it, often with vignetting, blurred edges, distortion and dust.”

Available here: Etsy | Sweet Shoppe | Creative Market


Acrylic Transitions Vol02

A new set of 9 exclusive, stunning mixed media artist papers, brought to you straight from the atelier of the artist Wim Heldenmoed (my husband). He created these delicious textures by mixing gesso, acrylic paint and bistre on a plastic sheet. They were scanned at high resolution, edited and then digitized. Now you can create art yourself, by using these artist papers as backgrounds in your digital scrapbooking, papercraft or art journaling projects. A printable letter size version of each paper is also included, for a jumpstart on your journals!

Available here: Etsy | Sweet Shoppe | Creative Market


Editable Baby Shower Invitation

Included in this pack are 2 charming baby shower invitations, 1 for a girl, 1 for a boy. They coordinate with the ‘Mother And Child’ digital scrapbooking collection and they are fully editable. You will receive 2 layered files in TIF and PSD format (PNG also available) where you can add your own text, change the colours, even add your own image. You will also receive 2 matching envelopes (not editable). The envelopes come in PNG format, and on a sheet in JPG and PDF for easy printing. As a bonus I’ve included two papers that you can use to print on the back of your card, or on the inside of the envelope.

Available here: Etsy | Sweet Shoppe | Creative Market


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Layout Inspiration

Here’s what my Creative Team made this week, with the viewfinder frames and the artist papers:

four pages from Lisa
ComfyCozy-Armygrl BestEver-Armygrl Wanderer-ArmygrlThriller-Armygrl

by Imperio

by Aly

hybrid project from Theresa
IMG_9665 IMG_9664 IMG_9658 IMG_9657 255A2387 700px

by Diane

by Barbara

by Sylvia

by Carina

by Alina

and a page from me

Enjoy the inspiration and have a great day!


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