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Come in, we’re open!

I am so thrilled to tell you that I am now a designer at Sweet Shoppe Designs ! I’ve been working behind the scenes for a few weeks now and I’ve met all my fellow designers (it is such an awesome and inspiring community), but now my shop is finally open and I get to tell the whole world!

For my debut, I have a new solo kit and a collab with the AMAZING Studio Basic Designs. Next to that, I have 7 re-releases. I’ll be adding new and old(er) things in the weeks and months to come, but for now, let’s take a look at my shop.

The first you’ll probably notice is that my preview has changed. Sweet Shoppe believes very strongly in promoting all the designers and the shop as a whole, that is why we all have the same preview. It took me a while to get used to it, but I love it now and I’m considering a rebranding for the previews in my Etsy and Creative Market shops as well… that’s for later though.

Let me show you my new solo release!

Winter Solstice Bundle

Winter Solstice digital scrapbooking collection captures the magic of winter, cold nights and the dark days of December, right before the light and the longer days return. Christmas is the Christian answer to the celebrating of the returning of the light and so this digital scrapbooking kit is also very suitable to document your Christmas memories.

The colour scheme is one of contrast: dark and light, cold and warm, from frosty pink to gray, to blank wood and warm orange and brown, and a touch of green. The patterns were inspired by Nordic sweaters, cosy furry blankets and frosty mornings.

Decorate your layouts with any of the natural elements and birch wood textures, vintage ephemera and stamps, engraved wood slices and some light accents, create titles with the birch wood alpha; use one of the torn paperstrips to add intrest to your page, clip your photos to the frosty photo masks and finish with one of the winter quotes… feel the magic of the winter solstice!

Winter Solstice Bundle is permanently discounted by 30%
You get an extra 25% discount if you grab it now !


Winter Solstice Kit

Included in the kit are 18 patterns, 12 solids, 1 birch wood alpha and 84 elements: 1 antler, 2 arrows, 1 bead scatter, 1 branch with berries, 1 winter bird sticker, 3 brads, 2 branches, 3 buttons, 1 cloves scatter, 1 vintage deer sticker, 1 birch wood deer head, 2 dried fruit slices, 1 pinecone flower, 2 fabric flowers, 1 paper flower, 1 composite flower, 2 wooden frames, 1 circular birch wood frame + mask, 1 birchwood heart, 1 vintage Christmas wreath, 1 holly leaf, 1 ivy leaf, 1 pinecone leaf, 1 vintage mistletoe, 2 lights, 1 wooden mushroom, 1 vintage orange slice image, 2 paint splatters, 3 painted edges, 1 painted paper edging, 1 glittery wooden pinetree, 1 white wood pinetree, 3 fabric ribbons, 1 crochet snowflake, 1 stitched circle, 2 strings, 1 round vintage deer tag, 1 vintage bird tag (in two versions), 2 fancy labels, 2 vintage dictionary blends, 1 torn piece of vintage ephemera, 2 winter themed torn vintage postcards, 8 vintage stamps, 2 wood slices with an engraved deer, 1 wood slice with an engraved snowflake, 1 wood slice with engraved words, 3 large birch wood words and 7 wordstrips.

Winter Solstice kit is now 25% off – grab it here.


These addon packs are separately available:

Winter Solstice Photo Masks

6 rather large photo masks. You can clip photos and papers to them, or recolour them and use them as paint behind your pictures. Play with blend modes and opacities for surprising results!

Winter Solstice Masks is now 25% off – grab this pack here.


Winter Solstice Quotes

10 artsy winter quotes. Each quote was saved as an individual PNG file, but I’ve added an ABR file as well.

Winter Solstice Quotes are now 25% off – grab this pack here!


Winter Solstice Torn Paperstrips

10 large torn paperstrips (some are 12 inch wide), each paperstrip saved as a PNG file.

Winter Solstice Paperstrips are now 25% off – grab them here!


All packs, including the discounted bundle, are 25% off until 6 AM Sunday morning. So hurry up and grab those packs before they go back to the full price!


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My second new release is a collab with the AMAZING Studio Basic Designs. I’ve admired Rubia for so long. Can you believe my excitement when she asked me to work with her?

365 New Chances

Begin the New Year with beauty and optimism, as you scrap or journal about your hopes and plans for 2017; embrace your femininity whilst celebrating your loves and dreams in elegantly worn hues of teal and pink. Pretty patterns, delicate finishing touches, plus a little golden sparkle make “365 New Chances” a stunningly chic way to warmly welcome and record all the possibilities and potentials of your awesome New Year.

365 New Chances Bundle is permanently discounted by 30%, but if you grab it now, you can get an extra 25% off!


365 New Chances Kit

The kit contains 18 patterned papers (plus 1 alternative), 12 paper solids, 86 elements, and a stylishly worn, golden alpha (a-z, numbers 0-9, and some symbols. Saved as .png files). The elements are: a pretty brad, 2 buttons, 7 flowers, 3 frame, a key, some lace, a piece of mistletoe, 3 painty marks, 2 pieces of ribbon, a variety of 5 stamps, 2 stars, 2 pieces of string, 5 transfers/ overlays, 2 clocks, a vintage card, 2 dictionary definitions, 2 banners, a branch, a yummy mixed media brush (plus alternative), a butterfly, a piece of doily, a heart fabric piece, a feather, a gold metal piece, golden foliage, 7 labels, a leaf, 2 paper pieces, a sequin, a scatter of stars, some stitching, a heart-topped tooth pick and the following word and title art: ‘365’, ‘365 new chances’, ‘a fresh start’, ‘new beginnings’, ‘New Year’s Eve’, ‘New Year’ fabric piece, ‘good life’ fabric piece, ‘three hundred and sixty five new chances’, ‘365 new chances’ wood piece, ‘New Year New Life’ wood piece, ‘be happy’ (2 versions), ‘good life’ (2 versions), ‘2017’(2 versions), ‘a beautiful start’ (2 versions) and ‘start fresh’ (2 versions). All are saved as individual .png files.

365 New Chances Kit is now 25% off – grab it here!


These addon packs are separately available:

365 New Chances Lights

Included are 3 light glows and 7 star bokeh overlays, eah saved as a PNG. They are pretty large, some are nearly 3600 in. You can use these as overlays on pictures, or as backgrounds on your digital scrapbooking layouts (they work best with darker backgrounds). Play with the colours, the blend modes and the opacity for surprising results. Layer several bokeh images in one layout… the possibilities are endless.

365 New Chances Lights are now 25% off – grab them here.


365 New Chances Paints

“365 New Chances – Paints” pack contains a total of 15 lovely painty elements, that you are sure to find yourself using again and again, in order to add depth, panache and that little extra mixed media flourish to your pages. All saved as individual .png files.

365 New Chances Paints is now 25% off – grab this pack here.


As always, my CT has made some incredible pages with these two new releases, you will definitely be inspired:

Creative Team Layouts with Winter Solstice

by Ona


by Lisa


by Jana



by Sylvia


by Carina


by Cynthia


by Barbara


by Erin


by Andrea


by Francine


by Ange


4 layouts from the amazing Sweet Shoppe Sugar Babes:

2a0i9lj 30665359923_0a8cdc69a8_b 30700467643_02e0b52b3b_b carrie

And 3 layouts from me:

winter-solstice the-season-of-love winter-walk700

Creative Team Layouts with 365 New Chances

by Carina


by Ona


by Lisa



by Danica

365 new chances On a Whimsical Adventure & Stugio Basic CVW_SupplyTracker Layer 1 Layer 1 copy Layer 10 Layer 11 Layer 12 Layer 14 Layer 16 Layer 17 Layer 18 Layer 18 copy Layer 18 copy 2 Layer 19 Layer 20 Layer 21 Layer 21 copy Layer 22 Layer 22 copy Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6 Layer 7 Layer 8 Layer 9 december 2016

by Erin


by Andrea


by Jana

1612_new2017_low 1612_startfresh_700janao

by Francine


by Cynthia


by Barbara


by Ange


and from me:


More inspiration from the Studio Basic Designs Creative Team:

sbasic_365nchances-ppages02-sherly saarcrystalsbasic_365nchances-ppages03-briesbasic_365nchances-ppages04-bianckasbasic_365nchances-ppages05-marysbasic_365nchances-ppages09-juliesbasic_365nchances-ppages10-san

And from the Sweet Shoppe Sugar Babes:


I am also re-releasing the following collections, kits and packs:


Everything is 25% off until 6 AM Sunday morning – so hurry up if you want to grab some deals!

I will re-release most of my existing designs in the weeks and months to come!

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Please note that there are a few changes in my Sweet Shoppe shop :

  1. I will offer kits only as a whole at Sweet Shoppe. I will no longer offer separate elements and paperpacks, unless the paperpack is an extra pack, and unless the elements pack is an addon. I will however, still do this in my Etsy shop, the upload sizes are so limited, that I really have no other choice.
  2. I have reviewed my pricing. Since I will no longer offer elements and paperpacks separately, the list price of bundles has become cheaper.
  3. That includes that bundles will now be around 30% off (instead of the former 40%), but if you purchase the bundle before the new release sales ends, you can do even bigger bargains than before!

Please note that new releases at Sweet Shoppe Designs will be 25% off from 6 PM EST Friday when the store goes live until 6 AM Sunday morning.


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