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Vintage Herbarium Papers & Whimsical Frames

Next to the release of my Spring Fever Collection at Digital Scrapbooking Studio (read all about it in this post), I have two more packs that are available in all my shops today:


Vintage Herbarium Papers 

According to Wikipedia, a herbarium is a “collection of preserved plant specimens, sometimes with associated data used for scientific study. The specimens may be whole plants or plant parts; these will usually be in dried form mounted on a sheet of paper.”

A few months ago I found an old herbarium, made by my husband, about 40 years ago. It immediately brought back memories of my childhood. We probably all made one in school, and some of you (including me) made one just for fun, to preserve sweet memories of beautiful summers or memorable moments. Pressing flowers is not only a wonderful way to preserve their beauty, they can also be used for a variety of purposes: you can use them to decorate cards, embellish candles, frame them and use them to create wall art, make paper… or you can use them on a scrapbook page!

These herbarium papers were created from my husbands herbarium. I carefully scanned them (they were so fragile) and edited them with a soft matte filter to turn them into unique backgrounds. Don’t you just love the incredibly real texture, the aged and yellowed tape, the faded colours?

You will receive 13 hi res 12×12 in JPG files, including 10 papers with dried flowers and plants, 1 back, 1 pink slip sheet and – as a bonus – the cover of the herbarium itself.

The Vintage Herbarium Papers are available in all my shops – and discounted for a week:
Digital Scrapbooking Studio, The Digichick, Etsy and Creative Market.

* NOTE TO CREATIVE MARKET SHOPPERS – Last week I told  you that I was going to offer a new release discount in my Etsy shop (the Etsy system does not allow to set discounts electronically, but I can set the reduced price manually). And I thought, why not do the same on Creative Market? The Creative Market system does not allow to set discounts either, as on Etsy, but I CAN adjust the price manually. So from now on I will be offering new releases with an introductory sale on Creative Market as well, as in all my other shops. After a week the price will go back to normal (that is usually the day after a new release).
Please note that the discount may not always be the same as in my other shops, as I cannot add decimals to my prices (the price always has to be a round number). 



Whimsical Frames Vol.01

Perhaps keep just the stitched frame? Or maybe the mask and the frame, and no stitches? Or maybe keep the stitches and the mask, but not the frame? Anything is possible with these layered photo frame templates. You can clip papers or photos to each mask, turn off layers or turn them back on, and create unique accents to your pages over and over again. You will receive 4 large layered frame templates in TIFF, PSD, PNG and PAGE format.

Whimsical Frames Vol.01 is available in all my shops – and discounted for a week:
Digital Scrapbooking Studio, The Digichick, Etsy, part 1 and part 2, and Creative Market.

* NOTE TO ETSY BUYERS – Because of the limited file size that sellers are allowed to upload to their shops, and because I always strive to offer instant download, I split this pack up in two packs. The price has been split up in two as well, so if you buy both packs, you will still pay the same price as if you would buy the complete pack.



Be inspired

Look at the wonderful pages from my creative team. Some of them have combined the Whimsical Frames Vol.01 with the Vintage Herbarium Papers:



A dreamy, almost monochromatic page from Ange, using nothing but the Vintage Herbarium Papers and the Whimsical Frames Vol.01. Sometimes less is more.


Same goes for this vintage page by Ange… She has used one of the Vintage Herbarium Papers and has added some things from my Castles & Princesses Collection. Everything has been toned down to some golden sepia, this could be hanged up on a wall!



Barbara has used one of my favourite Vintage Herbarium Papers.  She used the April Fool Mini Kit as well and added some word art from my A Moment Captured Collection. Simply gorgeous! And it shows how you can use an April Fool themed pack for something totally non-related.



Em has outdone herself here! She has used the Vintage Herbarium Papers as a backdrop for her pictures (framed with Whimsical Frames Vol.01) but look at all the blending and the work she has done, wow! Em has used the Spring Fever Collection in the background.



Erin has used one of the two solid papers from the Vintage Herbarium Papers and two frames from the Whimsical Frames Vol.01. She has added triangles from the Stitched Shapes Vol.01 and some things from my Easter Morning Collection.



Look at this – holy moly – so creative! I wish I could take a look in Eszters head sometimes LOL. Eszter used one of the Vintage Herbarium papers as a background for this stunning composition.



I totally love the idea of Judith of using the Vintage Herbarium Papers on a heritage layout! Judith also used Cosy Christmas Kit, Wonderland Elements, Wonderland Charms and the Castles & Princesses Collection. This has definitely got me inspired to scrap those old family pictures of mine.



A beautiful ‘greenery’ page from Ona, using the Vintage Herbarium Papers, some bits and pieces of one of the templates from my Whimsical Templates Vol.02, some cut-outs from the Vintage Mushroom ATC, some papers of the Watercolour Textures Vol.01 and a quote from my Edgar Allan Poe Quotes Pack.


What is not to love about this super cute layout from Ona! Ona has combined one of the Whimsical Frames Vol.01 with a paper and some elements from the My One True Love Collection and word art from my A Moment Captured Collection.

I’ve said it before, I always love to see my ‘older’ packs in use, I think Ona has done a great job here doing so, in her two layouts.


And finally, a page by me :


I have used my favourite Vintage Herbarium Paper combined with one of the Whimsical Frames Vol.01. I especially love the delicate pink/lilac of the flowers of the paper and I found a picture on Pixabay that had just the right colour tone for this layout. I also used A Touch Of Paint Vol.01, a bit of Wonderland and a bit of Easter Morning, and – like Ona – a quote from my Edgar Allan Poe Quotes Pack. Well, actually Ona said she was inspired by me to use one of the Edgar Allan Poe Quotes 🙂


Hehe, that’s it for today, there was a lot to talk about, right?

Have a wonderful shopping and have a wonderful week!


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Anja, these are such lovely inspirations! Thank you for the great collections you’ve put together!

Hi Lynn, thanks! I’m so glad you like the inspiration and thank you for the sweet comment!

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