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One of my (many!) hobbies is digital scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking is  is simply creating a scrapbook layout on the computer with papers and elements that are created digitally using graphic design software. I discovered digital scrapbooking in 2011 and I’m hooked ever since! For me it’s the perfect way of keeping memories and making beautiful...

What not to say…

Graphic designers and graphic design in general is often underestimated. But it’s work, just like anything else, although it may not seem so to certain people. I found a collection of phrases that customers are often saying and we (frustrated designers) hate to hear, on Zerouno.org. If you’re a designer, you’ll definitely recognize these phrases 🙂 Click...

7 habits of highly effective people

Have you heard of this book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’? I ordered it from Bol.com and it arrived today (http://goo.gl/wugYBC). This will be my next breakfast-reading book. I love reading books while having breakfast, it is – for me – the perfect time to do so. Mostly because I have breakfast alone...


Are you on Pinterest yet? I love it! Before Pinterest I never knew how to keep track of interesting sites and ideas… But with Pinterest I can visualize it all. Beware though: Pinterest can be addictive! Here are my boards!

Fonts in use

I found an interesting site yesterday when I was looking for font inspiration. It’s called ‘Fonts in use‘. It’s a site where you can see fonts in use (hence the name of the site no doubt LOL), and how they are combined with other fonts. You can choose the kind of publication (book, magazine and...

Zapparade 2015

It all seems very quiet on the Zapparade front, but the team is working hard on the next edition! Here’s a little sneak peek from what I’m currently working on!

More good news!

I have recently finished a management course, to prepare myself for my life as an independent graphic designer. I got word today that I passed my exams! It wasn’t an easy course, but I have learnt so much and it feels good to be able to finish it with style 🙂    

I got published!

It’s finally here, my copy of Somerset Digital Studio! I have a feature article (three pages, six works) ànd I’m on the cover, together with Belgian illustrator My Dead Poney, whom I really admire for his gorgeous illustrations (see more of his work on http://goo.gl/4xIsXi) – that’s a real honour! P.S. these works were made...